Audi A5 DTMを公開!



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Audiが2012年度にDTMで使用する新型マシン『A5  DTM』を公開しました


M3 DTMより少しおとなしい感じがしますね


Vehicle type DTM touring car
シャーシ CFRP monocoque with integrated fuel tank, CFRP crash elements on the sides, CFRP crash elements, front and rear
エンジン V8 normally aspirated engine, 90-degree cylinder angle, 4 valves per cylinder, air intake restricted to 2 x 28.0 mm by regulations
Engine control unit Bosch MS 5.1
潤滑方式 Dry sump
排気量 4,000 cc
最高出力 Approx. 340 kW (460 HP)
トルク Over 500 Nm
Drive system Rear-wheel drive
クラッチ 4-plate CFRP clutch
ギアボックス Sequential 6-speed sport transmission
Differential Adjustable multi-plate limited slip differential
Drive shafts Constant-velocity (CV) shafts
ステアリング Power-assisted rack and pinion steering
サスペンション Independent front and rear, twin A-arm suspension, push rod system with spring/damper unit, adjustable gas pressure dampers
ブレーキ Hydraulic dual-circuit braking system, monoblock light metal brake calipers, ventilated carbon fiber brake discs, front and rear, brake force distribution between front and rear continually adjustable by the driver, electromagnetic starting valve
ホイール Forged aluminum rims, front: 12 x 18 inches; rear: 13 x 18 inches
タイヤ Hankook, front: 300-680-18; rear: 320-710-18
長さ 5,010 mm (incl. rear wing)
1.950 mm
高さ 1.150 mm
最小重量 TBD
燃料タンク容量 120 liters






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